Saturday, February 18, 2006

Reality check

Occasionally the icy cold iron hand of reality reaches out and slaps me. Making me painfully aware of those things of which I was blissfully ignorant or blithely ignoring. The realization of the destruction caused to a loved one is greater than the embarrassment I feel at my own self-will. How do I adequately apologize for the imposition of my stubbornness? What penance is enough to pay for my error? No amount of tears can wash away the stain of having taken joy from one I held so dear. Time will fade the stain. It will bind the wounds. But it can never undo the injustice I have brought. But it can never assuage the shame of my actions. Only loves forgiveness can repair the breach. Only caring can erase the marks of disgrace. Time, however, may bring these things.

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