Monday, February 06, 2006

I found my muse

I Found my Muse

I found muse. It seems he hadn’t left at all. He simply got buried under the pile of papers and unopened junk mail on my desk. Poor thing. He was all rumpled and crumpled from the weight of my procrastination. He was right between the power bill and a Wal-Mart sales paper. Good thing for me I was looking for those KFC coupons or I would have never found him.
I pulled him out and shook him off. Then I carefully washed him and hung him out to dry. Now that I have ironed (with heavy starch to make sure he stays crisp) him he is back at my computer where he belongs.
He is a funny little guy. Always has something to say about everything. He is good at telling jokes. And he wasn’t too upset about being caught in the avalanche on my desk. He did request that when not in use I place him back on the shelf where he belongs. Good advice because when I need him I don’t want to have to go digging around the miscellaneous debris on my desk to find him.

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