Saturday, February 25, 2006

Circle the Wagons

I am amazed at how a group of people can argue fuss and fight constantly. They can run each other down and say terrible things about one another – until someone outside the group tries the same. Then every one circles the wagons and attacks as a cohesive group united against a common foe. Then after the conflict has ended they go right back to the difficult task of stabbing one another in the back.
I work a at a car auction on Wednesday nights. All of the employees are constantly back-stabbing and saying heinous things to and about each other. Then tonight a woman came in and attacked us. She called one of us a cheating liar. Well, let me tell you, I am surprised that she made it out without being skinned alive and hung from the flagpole. We don’t have a flagpole but we would have erected one just for her. In one united front we fought the evil foe. We banded together in a fashion that would have put the Navy Seals to shame. Then when she dragged her battered and bruised spittle soaked body off the property we went right back to fighting with each other. Nothing unites us like fighting.

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