Saturday, February 18, 2006

the 2000s

The new millennium brought with it many expectations. I have to admit that I to fell into the frenzy of excitement that accompanied a new set of numbers on our calendar. For me it has brought no end of trouble both physically and emotionally. In this new era I have suffered injury from a car accident. I have seen my marriage end. I have had a friend murdered by a man who is still alive in prison. I have made more trips to the emergency room and doctors office than I have ever made in my life. However, This new millennium has brought good as well. I have seen the birth of my two daughters. I have made a few wonderful new friends. I have been able to accomplish some things that I have dreamed of all my life. I have learned some of my greatest strengths. And I have overcome a few of my strongest weaknesses. I have learned many new lessons and relearned a few old ones that I had forgotten. The twenty first century may not have been entirely kind to me, but it hasn’t been all together unforgiving either. And I suppose that is a good sign of things to come.

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