Friday, February 17, 2006

Hiding from yourself

Most have no problem facing external problems and difficulties. They can face these foes head on and never falter. However, it is the foes within themselves that they cannot bear to stand against. Thus they find themself lost in an attempt to hide from themselves. The vain attempts to run from the inner beasts that plague every person are a tiresome affair. For in the attempt to flee they bring the problem with them. In this they strengthen the quandary they sought to escape. But when the absurd situation is realized and the individual determines that there is no safe haven in which they cannot seek shelter without destroying themselves, they can begin to overcome the obstacles to normality and find that in facing their inner demons they are stronger than when they hide from themselves.


Anonymous said...

Yes...If I could have run from myself I would have done it a long time ago. I still try though, even though I know it to be futile. Sometimes I think that is why I am restless, why I like to travel so much, because I'm trying to escape my thoughts and insecurities. It hasn't worked yet, though I am learning how to cope.

wwhijr said...

Like Clint Black said in the song,"wherever you go there you are."

Cherry Blossom said...

Dear William,

Very nice blog. I believe that one can never escape from the being he is. One can sometimes feel he's run from himself but at some point he realizes that it's going the other way around.
One should try to love himself,develop things he'll be glad to find in himself, get rid of things he hates and simply LIVE!
Just get the most of 'Life' before it's too late.
Life IS too short!!!