Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Strange days

Have you ever had a day that was just strange. Not necessarily bad, or even good, but just strange. One of those days when you sit back in the evening and review the day in your head and say, “ man that was weird” Well Friday and Saturday were like that for me.

Friday started out normally enough. We took a car the scrap yard and ran a couple of errands then headed up to Charlotte for one final stop before we headed to Tennessee for my nieces birthday party. Coming up Wilkerson Blvd we saw what we thought was a police car with someone pulled over. However, as we got closer we realized it was an unmarked patrol car with its blue lights on sitting behind one of those radar signs that tells you how fast you are going. When we got closer still we saw that the patrol car was buried in mud. So being the good citizen that I am I offered to pull the car out, and a few short moments later we had the little Impala back on solid ground and headed off to our destination.

About a hour later we started back toward home we nearly got broadsided by a rescue vehicle that was making a u-turn in the middle of highway 74. Two miles later we found out why. The entire road was closed off to a bad wreck. So after taking a handful of back roads we were on I-85 and sailing along again.

We made a quick stop to fill up the truck and since the gas station we use offers a discount if you get a car wash, we got a car wash. Only when I started to pump I noticed we didn’t get our discount. SO after dragging the manager out in the unbearable heat every thing was rectified and then some. He refunded the price of the car wash and then gave up a free carwash. So instead of saving $7.99 we saved $15.98. Not a bad deal at all.

After all that weirdness was over we embarked on our journey to Tennessee. We successfully made it half way there and decided to stop for the night. Enough weirdness for one day.

Saturday had its own special breed of strange circumstance. The kind that could have gotten someone killed.

About 2 hours outside of Nashville I noticed a red pickup driving erratically behind me. I noticed it when it nearly rear ended my truck. Thinking the driver was drunk I got on the phone with 911 and made a report and told the dispatcher that I was going to slow down and see if I could get the truck stopped because it was all over the place. After it nearly rear ended me twice more it darted down an off ramp so I headed through the grass to catch it again and finally cut the truck off and got it stopped.

The driver wasn’t drunk - she was in insulin shock. She was diabetic and out of insulin. Almost as soon as I got her stopped a city officer arrived and I told him that I would drive the woman to where she was going and Steph could follow me in the beast. So he said to go ahead and do it, and we did. After the initial shock and fear of being stopped by a large hairy man she was very appreciative and gave us both a big hug. Hopefully, she made it back home with no problems.

Then we encountered the real weirdness - I arrived at my family’s house. And we all know how weird family can be…