Friday, September 05, 2008

Dirty words

A few days ago I got an email from a girl I went to high school with. Just out of the blue this gal who I remembered as being a sweet, funny, cute gal sent me an email with the worst kind of foul language in it. I was shocked. I had never heard her use such language. I am here to tell you I was dismayed. She used such language that I am afraid to even repeat it. She said the ugly “t -r” phrase. She said it was time, please forgive me, and if you have delicate ears turn away now, it was time for the “Twentieth Reunion” Of course then she had to get really nasty and remind me that I was the oldest one in the class.

Well, after I picked myself up off the floor I got to thinking. It can’t have been 20 years. Why only yesterday it was 1989 and I was a fresh high school graduate with a 1972 Pontiac Bonneville.

Yesterday, well, maybe a few yesterdays ago. Back when the internet was in its infancy and CD’s were modern technology. Back when my old pickup hadn’t even been built yet. Granny boots were fashionable. Flipped up collars were cool. The Fresh Prince was still in Philadelphia. Portable computers weighed 80 pounds. Boom-boxes were huge shoulder carried monsters. Portable CD players were super expensive. Digital applied to watches not televisions. Home computers had less memory than my cell phone does now. And speaking of cell phones they were the size of our
metal lunchboxes and were carried around in bags. Russia was still the enemy.

1989, just yesterday.

I went to a small school. In my graduating class there were only 7 of us, and I was the only guy. Don’t get me wrong there were advantages of being the only guy. I got to lift all the heavy things, kill all the creepy things, and dispose of all the disgusting things. But the 7 of us were fairly close as you could imagine. We talked of all kinds of subjects that a larger class would have probably prevented. And since most of us went to church together we saw each other seven days a week. ( There was usually a church activity on Saturdays.)

It is funny that as close as we were then, that most of us have drifted off and have not seen each other much since graduation. We got married, went to college, got jobs, or some other endeavor that pulled us away from our little group. In the intervening time we grew apart.

Some got as far away from Springfield, TN as hundreds of miles, and a some never left. And now we have drifted, ebbed and flowed, traipsed, lollygagged, sidetracked, hobbled, wobbled, and somehow made it 20 years into the future. Yesterdays future.

1989’s future.

But, I still cant believe she said those dirty words to me.