Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am not

I am not arguing - I am simply expounding the proper point of view in a logical manner, even though it is in direct opposition to your belief.
I am not yelling - I am simply presenting my case in at a volume which cannot be ignored.
I am not being arrogant - You are just not open to having me point out the inane reasoning of your thoughts.
I am not stubborn - I am simply unwilling to be moved from my belief.
I am not conceited - I am just right.
I am not childish - I am simply stopping my ears from being accosted by the sound of your voice.
I am not condescending - You are just wrong and you would realize that if you were as smart as I am.

You see if I have enough time I can make anything sound good. I did learn something from my ex.

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