Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ready to try again?

In the past few months I have had two beautiful and completely different female companions to share my small apartment with me. The first of them was a raven-haired beauty. She had big beautiful green eyes. She would lounge about the apartment showing her sensuous curves. At night she would curl up beside me letting me know how much she loved me. She would sit in my lap and all was right with the world. After a few months she developed a severe stomach problem and would throw up all over my apartment. Eventually I had to have her put to sleep. You see Onyx was a cat. She was such a sweet animal that I hated to let her go, but I could not bear to see her suffer.
The second was a beautiful tiny tiger striped gray kitten that crawled up in my shirt one day to get warm when I was working on a friend’s van. She was a wonderful companion until she began to urinate in my bed. Doing this once I could understand. Twice I could forgive. But every night was too much. I tried everything I could think of to make her stop this aberrant behavior but she refused. The way my apartment is laid out there was no way to keep her out of the bedroom unless I started sleeping in the closet. One night I opened the front door to go outside and she ran out. Understandably, I did not go after her.
A few weeks ago I came in to my apartment and a black streak shot past my feet and stopped on the couch. It was a beautiful solid black cat. I wanted so badly to keep her, but since I had given all of my cat food and other kitty accessories away, and I didn’t have the cash on hand to go buy new stuff I had to put her back out. Maybe someday she will return. The house is empty without a woman.

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LaGitana said...

I hope you get a new cat :)everybody needs a pet.